The Automotive Physics Engineering eXperience (APEX) program was funded by a grant through the Chancellor's Office, California Community Colleges for the Career-Technical Education Pathways Initiative (SB70); donations from Lucas Oil and the Technician Development Center/Citrus College, during three sessions: summer 2012, summer 2013 and summer 2014.

Automotive Physics Engineering eXperience (APEX) hosted by Citrus College aligns intermediate school math and science standards with the engineering of a car. The program is funded by a CCCCO grant*, Lucas Oil and the Technician Development Center/Automotive Technology in the Curriculum, Career/Technical and Continuing Education division.

During summer 2014, middle school girls and boys will attend three weeks of foundational theory classes followed by applied (hands-on) learning in the lab (nicknamed "Gasoline Alley") housed in the Citrus College Technician Development Center. As lessons progress so, too, does the team Go-Kart, as students assemble it with their team leader, a Citrus College Automotive Technology student. Throughout the learning experience, students earn extra credit to 'purchase' parts or upgrades to improve performance of the team Go-Kart. It all comes together on the APEX track when students complete timed trials, one team member at a time "Enduro style," to earn the coveted best overall team time!

For information about the program, please contact Ms. Terry Adams,  

APEX Description
Students learn how an automobile works using the mathematical and scientific principles of the Go-Kart. Topics include:
      o Simple machines
      o Torque and horsepower
      o Geometry (steering, suspension, center of gravity)
      o Fluid/hydraulics (Pascal's Law)
      o Electrical (Ohm's Law and Watt's Law)
      o Chemistry (Combustion, fuel)
      o Gear Reduction and Ratios (Torque and Speed)
      o Friction
      o Vacuum/Pressure (Boyle's Law/Venturi Effect)
      o Mass/Inertia (Engine theory)
      o Aerodynamics
      o Heat

Partner middle schools are central to student success during the summer experience and they pay a share of implementation costs.

Northview Intermediate, Duarte USD
BEST TIME: Grey Team 58.76 seconds
Students on the Grey Team