To Do List

· Attend every class meeting
· Make goals a priority by managing time well
· Complete a Student Education Plan (SEP)
· Use Citrus College's support services (see below)
· Find best time and place for focused studying
· Form or participate in a study group
· Evaluate performance on exams and projects
· Join a school club or organization
· Check Citrus College e-mail account daily
· Visit professors during their office hours
· Speak to professors/counselors before dropping a class
· Never give up on path to success!

Click here to download the "To Do" List for your reference.

Academic Support Services
College Success Center (ED 224)
Offers tutoring, grammar clinics, access to learning software, and workshops on study skills
Writing Center (ED 224)
Provides one-on-one writing consultations to help students develop their writing skills with any written class assignment; students make their appointments online
Learning Center (ED 224)
Peer tutoring services, multimedia computer labs, language lab
Tutorial (ED 215)
Offers peer tutoring for most
STEM (MA 129)
Provides support for students studying science, technology, engineering, and math
Math Success Center (MA 130)
Offers math tutoring and resources