Astronomy Internet Library

Here are a list of astronomy links around the Internet. If you're doing research, these links provided should be just the starting points.


General Astronomy News and Information

The perfect place to get a daily astronomy fix: Astronomy Picture of the Day (and here’s a mirror version of the site in the UK)

Discovery News – Space

Universe Today is a great place to find out about the Sun-Earth environment: flares, storms, etc.

Space Exploration

JPL: Our local NASA center and the home of solar system exploration. See especially their sites on current spacecraft exploring Mars, Saturn,  and a great Solar System Simulator to find where anything is in our solar system.

European Space Agency

Hubble Space Telescope’s Hubblesite

Spitzer Infrared Space Telescope

The International Space Station – the human presence in space

J-Track How to find what’s satellites are in the sky above you

Astronomy Education

Your textbook’s own Masteringastronomy

Another great place to work on the concepts in astronomy is the Nebraska Online Astronomy Animations

If you’d like to do some astronomy data analysis yourself, try taking part in one of the citizen science projects at Zooniverse, including Galaxy Zoo, Moon Zoo, Solar Stormwatch and Planet Hunters.

The regional centers for astronomy education are Griffith Observatory  and the California Science Center. There's also a planetarium at Mt. SAC.