The purpose of the Enrollment Management Committee is to analyze enrollment, instructional budgeting, apportionment (current and projected), student demographic data and other related research in order to make recommendations on:
  • FTES goals and projections; 
  • Marketing and outreach strategies;
  • Student access, success, and completion: assessment, orientation, applying for admission, developing an educational plan, applying for and keeping financial aid. 

The committee is a shared governance subcommittee of EMC.

Because of the activities of EMC, students have greater access to, awareness of, and success in Citrus College programs; college programs and services are more varied, vibrant, and balanced; college resources for instruction, student services, and promotions are more efficiently and effectively deployed; and the reputation of the college is continually strengthened in the communities we serve.  


  • Review schedule planning scenarios for current and upcoming fiscal year and make recommendations for change, if needed.
  • Review scheduling calendar and make recommendations for change, if needed.
  • Develop and monitor Enrollment Management Plan designed to provide guidance on EMC activities.
  • Provide advice and guidance for targeted awareness of programs.  

FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Third Monday of the month in Fall and Spring  

DAY/TIME OF MEETINGS: Mondays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.  

Academic Senate President: J. Vaughan
ASCC representative (1): S. Rentschler
Chief Information Services Officer: L. Welz
Classified representative (1): I. McCraven
Curriculum Committee Chair: N. Shaw
Dean of Admissions and Records: G. Sequeira
Dean of Career, Technical, and Continuing Education: J. Lancaster
Dean of Language Arts and Enrollment Management (Chair): S. Lee
Dean of Math, Business, and Health Sciences: J. McClain
Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences: D. Hester
Director of Communications, External Relations: P. Green
Faculty Representatives (3): D. Ryba, D. Korn, L. Richard
Institutional Research: L. Hao
Program Review Coordinator: R. Eisel
Registrar: K. Hannon
Supervisor/Confidential representatives (1): D. Vanschoelandt
Vice President of Academic Affairs (Interim): A. Spor
Vice President of Student Services: A. Spor
Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services: C. Dain 

If you have any questions about committee minutes, please contact Cathy Day, administrative secretary in the division of language arts and enrollment management, at (626) 914-8856, or Dr. Samuel Lee, EMC chair and dean of language arts and enrollment management, at (626) 914-8855.

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