Enrollment Management Committee 2013-2014  

The purpose of the Enrollment Management Committee is to analyze enrollment, instructional budgeting, apportionment (current and projected), student demographic data and other related research in order to make recommendations on:
  • FTES goals and projections; 
  • Marketing and outreach strategies;
  • Student access, success, and completion: assessment, orientation, applying for admission, developing an educational plan, applying for and keeping financial aid. 

The committee is a shared governance subcommittee of the Educational Programs Committee.  

Because of the activities of the Enrollment Management Committee, students have greater access to, awareness of, and success in Citrus College programs; college programs and services are more varied, vibrant, and balanced; college resources for instruction, student services, and promotions are more efficiently and effectively deployed; and the reputation of the college is continually strengthened in the communities we serve.  

  • Review schedule planning scenarios for current and upcoming fiscal year and make recommendations for change if needed.
  • Review scheduling calendar and make recommendations for change if needed.
  • Develop and monitor Enrollment Management Plan designed to provide guidance on EMC activities.
  • Provide advice and guidance for targeted awareness of programs  

Third Monday of the month in Fall and Spring  

Mondays 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

Academic Senate President L. Villa
ASCC representative (1)
Moria LaPointe
Chief Information Services Officer L. Welz
Classified representative (1)
I. McCraven
Curriculum Committee Chair N. Shaw
Dean of Admissions and Records G. Sequeira
Dean of Career, Technical, and Continuing Education J. Lancaster
Dean of Language Arts and Enrollment Management (Chair) S. Lee
Dean of Math, Business, and Health Sciences J. McClain
Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences D. Hester
Director of Communications, External Relations P. Green
Faculty Representatives (3)
D. Ryba; D. Korn; L. Richard
Institutional Researcher L. Hao
Program Review Coordinator
R. Eisel
K. Spalding
Supervisor/Confidential representatives (1)
D. Vanschoelandt
Vice President of Academic Affairs (Interim) A. Spor
Vice President of Student Services A. Spor
Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services C. Horton

If you have any questions about committee minutes, please contact Cathy Day, administrative secretary in the division of Language Arts and Enrollment Management, at (626) 914-8856.

The chair of the committee is Dr. Samuel Lee (626-914-8855), Dean of Language Arts and Enrollment Management.




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