Many students enroll in career technical education (CTE) during high school then transition to Citrus College to continue their studies. The sequence of courses that began in the high school/regional occupational (HS/ROP) setting and continue in college is often referred to as a Career Pathway or Program of Study.

The Career Pathway advances the student's acquisition of industry-recognized knowledge, skills and abilities and culminates in the earning of Certificate(s) of Achievement, degree, transfer and/or employment depending on the educational goal. Some Career Pathways include a CTE course that faculty at Citrus College will review upon request to determine if a HS/ROP course is comparable to the college course.  See Request HS Course Level Articulation Process, Part 1

When the high school instructor teaches a class that college faculty approved as comparable to an entry level college career technical education (CTE) course a HS Course-Level Articulation Agreement is put in place. Students are then informed and advised by their HS/ROP instructor who authorizes access to the Citrus College credit-by-examination opportunity. See Part 2: How to Request College Credit Held in Escrow.

Citrus College 2013-2014 CTE Course Level Articulation Agreements in place (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014)

Administration of Justice AJ 101 Administration of Justice (3 Units) Attached Certificate Pathways 
Automotive Technology AUTO 101 Fundamentals of Auto Service, Diagnosis and Repair (3 Units) Attached Certificate Pathways
Child Development CHLD 110 Early Childhood Development (3 Units) Attached Certificate Pathways
Dental Assisting (RDA) DENT 099 Introduction to Dental Assisting (1 Unit)
DENT 100 Basic Dental Assisting (2.5 Units)
Attached Certificate Pathways
Drafting and Design Technology DRAF 101 Beginning Computer Aided Design (CAD) (3 Units) Attached Certificate Pathways
Attached Degree Pathways
Information Technology IT 104 PC Hardware and Maintenance (4 Units) Attached Certificate Pathways
Allied Health/Vocational Nursing NRS 100 Introduction to Health Occupations (3 Units) Attached Certificate Pathways
Administrative Office Technology OFF 260 Computer Keyboarding and Document Processing (3 Units) Attached Certificate Pathways 
Public Works PUB 150 Public Works I (3 Units) Attached Certificate Pathways
Recording Arts REC 140 Music Theory for Engineers (3 Units) Attached Certificate Pathways
Emerging Theatre Technology THEA 120 Introduction to Tech for Theatre, TV and Film (3 Units) Attached Certificate Pathways
Water Technology WATR 150 Introduction to Water Systems (3 Units) Attached Certificate Pathways

To review a Citrus College Course Outline of Record:
1. Go to
2. Use A-Z Index, select "C" for "Course Outlines of Record"
3. Populate discipline box, i.e., "AJ"
4. Type in course number box, i.e., "101" and
5. Click on icon "WR" under actions

See Part 1: How to Request a Review for Comparability of a HS Career Technical Course (the step-by-step process)