Professional Commitment

Accepting placement in Citrus College's ADN Program affirms your dedication, attention, and energies to the study of nursing with the intent to succeed.  Before you accept a position as a Citrus College nursing student, understand that you are expected to answer these questions affirmatively:

  • Am I a responsible individual?
  • Will I be at theory and clinical classes on time?
  • Am I able to report to any assigned clinical site?
  • Will I hand my assignments in on time?
  • Do I have access to reliable transportation?
  • Will I study and perform to the best of my ability?
  • Will I maintain the nursing program standards of professional dress and conduct?

The Citrus College ADN Program schedule of classes, skills lab, and clinical assignments vary from semester to semester.  Because of the scheduling, extensive reading, research, and homework assignments, it is highly recommended that students do not try to work full-time while attending the program.  Also, you must understand that anything which changes your education plan (travel, illness, marriage, childbirth, family or personal crisis, etc.) may jeopardize your ability to focus on your nursing education.