In this program we offer an introduction to the automotive body and fender repair industry, includes body and frame construction, welding, metal preparation, minor damage repair and painting.

Cooperative programs with major diesel and automotive companies support the program and ensure that the latest technologies are being taught to students.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • explain the use of body and fender tools and equipment
  • use various types of welding equipment and complete assigned welding projects
  • select the correct type of welding equipment and welding material when welding familiar and unfamiliar metals
  • explain how familiar and unfamiliar automotive frames and bodies are constructed
  • demonstrate how to make minor repairs on damaged body panels using required body and fender repair techniques and fillers
  • demonstrate the selection of the correct paint preparation materials and primers on familiar and unfamiliar surfaces
  • demonstrate the correct use of paint preparation materials and primers
  • select the correct paint when painting familiar and unfamiliar surfaces

Certificates and Skill Awards
Course Descriptions/Outlines