Students in action with patientsThis program, which includes over 1000 hours of training is offered in 8-week modules, providing flexibility for the student. The flexible scheduling allows the student the choice of entering the program two times per year - in September or February - with a variety of scheduling options. Students who enroll in the fall semester can complete the program in two semesters if taken full-time; students who begin in the spring semester can complete the program in three semesters. The program can also be taken on a part-time basis, but must be completed within three years.

Students begin with classroom and laboratory instruction, which includes the use of dental materials, assisting at the chair/instrumentation, and anatomy of the mouth and teeth. They then have direct patient contact during Radiology, earning their x-ray license. Learning takes place not only in the classroom, but also through hands-on experience in a local dental office. Students will spend time first in a general dentist's office and then do a rotation in a specialty office for a total of 300 hours developing their skills under the training of the dentist and their staff. Students also learn the functions of the Registered Dental Assistant and earn their Coronal Polish and Pit and Fissure Sealant Certification.

The rigorous curriculum prepares students with the skills and training necessary to become a successful member of the dental health team. Taught by a team of faculty with many years of experience in dental assisting, they bring that variety to the classroom, enriching the students' education. Facilities include well equipped labs and classrooms, giving students experience with current methods on equipment that will be encountered in a modern dental practice.