Costs are approximate and subject to change

Registration (30 units x $46 per unit, health fee, parking) $1,500
Textbooks $ 350
Medical/Dental Exams $ 200
Lab Coat, Uniform, Shoes $ 200
Miscellaneous Supplies $ 200
C.P.R. Course $ 65
Student Membership in ADAA/Malpractice Insurance $ 40
TOTAL: $2,560

When making a decision about an RDA Program, be sure to compare cost, hire rates for graduates and pass rates for RDA written and practical exams. California Community Colleges are in most cases the least expense alternative for all career technical education training and certainly for RDA training. California Community Colleges offer the least expensive option for California state residents for a quality education. For students needing financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at (626) 914-8592.