The Tech Girls Engage Empower Experience (TGE3) program was grant funded by the CCCCO under the Career-Technical Education Pathways Initiative (SB70) during two sessions: summer 2013 and summer 2014.

Tech Girls Engage Empower Experience (TGE3) aligns middle school math and science concepts within the context of Information Technology (IT) using content rich hands-on project based experiences. A secondary goal is to affirm individual interest and ability to succeed in an IT program of study and show it as an inviting subject meant for everyone with many opportunities for female students to succeed in the (IT, computer science and/or engineering) workforce upon graduation.

This year, students will be introduced to robotics and web/application development topics. They will produce final project presentations and reports of the technologies learned. The two week experience is structured around specific assignments promoting the interrelated disciplines including the foundations of science inquiry, investigation/experimentation, motion, and technical writing. With class and interactive lab sessions on the Citrus College campus and two field trips to the University of Southern California, the students will have accomplished many learning outcomes and had fun. It is anticipated the summer experience will increase interest in attending college and build a foundation of relevance for high school subject matter.

The project is being implemented in the curriculum, Career/Technical and Continuing Education division and is funded by a California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office grant. Partner middle schools are invested in the student’s success during the summer experience and they pay a share of the implementation costs. For more information, please contact Ms. Terry Adams,  


Summer 2013, Session One 
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Summer 2013, Session 1 recap 

Summer 2013, Session Two 
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