In recent years, the use of electronic digital text (e-text) has emerged as a convenient and popular method of providing access for those who cannot use standard printed materials. Partially sighted individuals can use e-text by taking advantage of built-in options within many standard software applications (i.e., adjusting font size) or through the use of specialized screen magnification.

In California, Assembly Bill 422 requires publishers to provide electronic versions of certain instructional materials to community colleges so that students attending the college may have access to the materials in alternate media. AB 422 applies only to:

  1. textbooks and other materials written and published primarily for use by students in postsecondary instruction; and
  2. are required or essential to a student's success; and
  3. are to be used by a student with a confirmed disability in a course in which the student is enrolled at the college.

California Education Code 67302 (AB 422)