Self-Study Report

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Institutional Self Study 2015 [complete study, 7 MB PDF]

  • Cover
    • Cover Page
    • Certification of the Self Study Report
    • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
    1. History of the College
    2. Student Demographics
    3. Progress on Action Plans from 2003
    4. Student Achievement Data
    5. Status of Program Review and Planning
    6. Development and Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
    7. Off-Campus Sites and Distance Learning
    8. External Independent Audit and Federal Grant Integrity
  • Abstract of the Report
  • Organization of the Self Study
  • Organization of the Institution
  • Certification of Compliance with Eligibility Requirements
    • Certification of Continued Compliance with Eligibility Requirements
  • Response to Recommendations
    • Response to Recommendations from the Most Recent Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Standard I Institutional Mission and Effectiveness
    • Standard IA Mission
    • Standard IB Institutional Effectiveness
  • Standard II Student Learning Programs and Services
    • Standard IIA Instruction
    • Standard IIB Student Support Services
    • Standard IIC Library and Learning Support Services
  • Standard III Resources
    • Standard IIIA Human Resources
    • Standard IIIB Physical Resources
    • Standard IIIC Technical Resources
    • Standard IIID Financial Resources
  • Standard IV Leadership and Governance
    • Standard IVA Decision Making Roles
    • Standard IVB Board and Administrative Organization
  • Comprehensive Planning Agendas
  • Evidence Available