Management Personnel - 4300 Series

Management Evaluation Procedures4314 
     Management Evaluation 4314
Management Salary Guide 4340
Management Employees Work Year 4343
Reduced Management Load with Full Retirement Credit 4349
Vacation for Management Team 4362
Sabbatical Leave - Management43634363
Administrator Retreat Rights43654365

Supervisor/Confidential Personnel - 4400 Series

Confidential Employees Defined 4401
Supervisors/Confidential Employees Salary Guide 4440
Vacation, Supervisors/Confidential Employees 4443
Secretary, Director Business Services 4480

Student Services - 5000 Series

Counseling 5005
Articulation 5008
Enrollment, Attendance and Disenrollment Documentation 5101
Admission 5111
Students with Disabilities51125112
Evaluation of Transcripts5113 
Credit By Examination51175117
Fees for Miscellaneous Services51205120
Library Fines51235123
Withdrawal from Courses51255125
Course Repetition 5126
Probation and Dismissal 5127
Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards for Financial Aid Applicants/Recipients 5127.5
Academic Renewal 5128
Classroom Interference 5129
Residence Determination and Nonresident Tuition5130 
Traffic and Parking Regulations5132 
Expressive Activities5138 
     Expressive Activities Guidelines 5138
Student Conduct Disciplinary Action5139 
     Standards of Student Conduct 5139
Posting Procedures and Publication Guidelines5141 
     Distribution and Exhibition of Posters, Bulletins, Newspaper,
     Pamphlets, Circulars, Handbills, and Any Promotional
     Materials on Campus
Sale of Food Items on Campus5142 
Student Fund Raising and Related Events5143 
International Students51475147
Regulations Governing Clubs5150 
     Political Clubs 5152
     Religious Clubs 5154
Speaker and Controversial Program Review Board5151 
     Programs and Controversial Issues 5151
Activity Clearance5156 
Organization Minutes5158 
Organization and Operation of the College Bookstore 5160
Broadcasting and Telecasting5175 
Student Rights and Privacy 5180
Student Grievance Procedures5181 
     Student Grievances 5181
Registration Priority 5200
Student Course Adds52035203