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Folder: ACCJA Accreditation DocumentsACCJA Accreditation Documents10/17/2013 7:43 AMJolie Elman 
Folder: All Campus Strategic Planning Retreat 2007All Campus Strategic Planning Retreat 20073/20/2009 9:58 PMJolie Elman 
Folder: All Employee Survey Spring 2007All Employee Survey Spring 20078/6/2009 10:02 AMJolie Elman 
Folder: ARCC Report for Spring 2007ARCC Report for Spring 20073/20/2009 10:03 PMJolie Elman 
Folder: Community College Student Survey of EngagementCommunity College Student Survey of Engagement3/20/2009 10:03 PMJolie Elman 
Folder: Fall 2010 Convocation Strategic Planning SessionFall 2010 Convocation Strategic Planning Session8/16/2010 1:03 PMJolie Elman 
Folder: Implementation Plans and Progress ReportsImplementation Plans and Progress Reports10/19/2010 12:38 PMJolie Elman 
Folder: Meeting MinutesMeeting Minutes3/20/2009 9:58 PMJolie Elman 
Folder: Planning DocumentsPlanning Documents3/20/2009 9:58 PMJolie Elman 
CACommunityCollegesStrategicPlan2006.pdfCA Community Colleges Strategic Plan 20066/6/2012 6:22 AM5395 KBJolie Elman 
IntegratedPlanningManual.pdfIntegrated Planning Manual6/12/2014 1:59 PM1915 KBJolie Elman 
StrategicPlan2011-2016.pdfStrategic Plan 2011-20167/7/2011 1:29 PM755 KBJolie Elman 
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