The purpose of this Strategic Planning website is to provide members of the Citrus College community with the opportunity to learn about and participate in the strategic planning process at Citrus, and keep up-to-date on the current plan's progress.

Integrated Planning Manual
2017-2018 Integrated Planning Manual

Strategic Plans
Strategic Plan 2016-2021
Strategic Plan 2011-2016

CA Community College Systemwide Strategic Plan 2013  
CA Community College Systemwide Strategic Plan 2006

2016-2021 Annual Implementation Plans
2016-2017 Annual Implementation Plan

2016-2021 Progress Reports
2016-2017 Progress Report

2011-2016 Annual Implementation Plans
2015-2016 Annual Implementation Plan
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2011-2016 Progress Reports
2015-2016 Progress Report
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2013-2014 Progress Report
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2011-2012 Progress Report