The purpose of the Steering Committee is to promote the welfare and the educational advancement of students; serve as liaison group to provide closer communication between the campus' represented groups; guide and coordinate the functioning of the campus standing committees; recommend actions and/or policies; make recommendations to the Board of Trustees; and oversee preparation of Accreditation Self-Study.

Please review the Steering Committee Constitution.

The Steering Committee is composed of the Superintendent/President, the chairs of the campus' standing committees and representatives from the classified staff, supervisors/confidential employees, department chairs, management, Academic Senate Council, and student body.

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2013-2014 Steering Agenda Due Dates and Meetings Schedule (complete, PDF)

2014-2015 Steering Agenda Due Dates and Meetings Schedule (complete, PDF)

2008-12-08_minutes.pdf2008-12-08 Minutes5/22/2009 1:28 PM42 KB  
2008-12-08_agenda.pdf2008-12-08 Agenda5/22/2009 1:24 PM21 KB  
2008-11-24_minutes.pdf2008-11-24 Minutes5/22/2009 1:28 PM23 KB  
2008-11-14_agenda.pdf2008-11-14 Agenda5/22/2009 1:24 PM22 KB  
2008-10-27_minutes.pdf2008-10-27 Minutes5/22/2009 1:28 PM22 KB  
2008-10-27_agenda.pdf2008-10-27 Agenda5/22/2009 1:23 PM19 KB  
2008-10-13_minutes.pdf2008-10-13 Minutes5/22/2009 1:28 PM24 KB  
2008-10-13_agenda.pdf2008-10-13 Agenda5/22/2009 1:23 PM18 KB  
2008-09-22_minutes.pdf2008-09-22 Minutes5/22/2009 1:27 PM30 KB  
2008-09-22_agenda.pdf2008-09-22 Agenda5/22/2009 1:23 PM17 KB  
2008-06-09_minutes.pdf2008-06-09 Minutes5/22/2009 1:16 PM24 KB  
2008-06-09_agenda.pdf2008-06-09 Agenda5/22/2009 1:18 PM19 KB  
2008-05-12_minutes.pdf2008-05-12 Minutes5/22/2009 1:16 PM24 KB  
2008-05-12_agenda.pdf2008-05-12 Agenda5/22/2009 1:18 PM24 KB  
2008-04-28_minutes.pdf2008-04-28 Minutes5/22/2009 1:16 PM18 KB  
2008-04-28_agenda.pdf2008-04-28 Agenda5/22/2009 1:18 PM24 KB  
2008-03-24_minutes.pdf2008-03-24 Minutes5/22/2009 1:16 PM23 KB  
2008-03-24_agenda.pdf2008-03-24 Agenda5/22/2009 1:18 PM25 KB  
2008-03-10_minutes.pdf2008-03-10 Minutes5/22/2009 1:16 PM24 KB  
2008-03-10_agenda.pdf2008-03-10 Agenda5/22/2009 1:17 PM25 KB  
2008-02-25_minutes.pdf2008-02-25 Minutes5/22/2009 1:16 PM21 KB  
2008-02-25_agenda.pdf2008-02-25 Agenda5/22/2009 1:17 PM22 KB  
2008-02-11_minutes.pdf2008-02-11 Minutes5/22/2009 1:16 PM25 KB  
2008-02-11_agenda.pdf2008-02-11 Agenda5/22/2009 1:17 PM21 KB