· Review, update, create Instructional Board Policies and Administrative Procedures.
· Support implementation of annual program review and connection to budget development.
· Respond to recommendation items pertinent to educational programs from the 2009 accreditation visit.
· Review and evaluate program review documents.
· Confirm accuracy of inventory of approved programs.
· Facilitate open dialogue regarding budget challenges and impact on instructional programs.
· Implement and monitor Educational Master Plan and related sections of Strategic Plan.
The number of members is recommended by EPC and approved by the Steering Committee. Representatives from constituent groups are selected by those groups:
· Classified
· Supervisor/Confidential
· Management
· Academic Senate
· Students
EPC receives reports/information from:
· College Success Program
· Distance Education Program
· Enrollment Management Committee
· Green Team
· Honors Program
· SLO/HotShots
· Workforce Council