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CounselingSurvey2008.pdf2008 Counseling Survey5/7/2015 2:33 PM277 KB  
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AccuplacerPlacementfromSummer2007.pdfAccuplacer Placement from Summer 200710/2/2009 2:27 PM15 KB  
All-Basic-Skills.pdfAll Basic Skills Success Rates8/12/2009 9:48 AM51 KB  
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BudgetForum2009Summary.pdfBudget Forum 2009 Summary8/11/2009 3:53 PM21 KB  
CitrusMap.pdfCitrus College District Boundaries Map8/11/2009 4:05 PM6762 KB  
CitrusProfile.pdfCitrus College Profile8/11/2009 3:50 PM16 KB  
DistributionofStudentEnrollmentinMath-byEthnicity.pdfDistribution of Student Enrollment in Math by Ethnicity8/11/2009 3:54 PM24 KB  
DuarteA-G.pdfDuarte High School A-G Survey8/11/2009 3:54 PM355 KB  
EmergForumApril2009Evaluation.pdfEmergency Forum April 2009 Evaluation8/11/2009 3:55 PM33 KB  
EmergForumMarch2009Evaluation.pdfEmergency Forum March 2009 Evaluation8/11/2009 3:56 PM36 KB  
ESLFastTrackFA06-FA08.pdfESL Fast Track/Regular Success Data FA06-FA088/11/2009 3:56 PM14 KB  
ESLFastTrackSP09.pdfESL Fast Track/Regular Success Data SP098/11/2009 3:57 PM51 KB  
Fast-Track-Students-Performance-in-Subsequent-Classes.pdfFast Track Student Performance in Subsequent Classes8/11/2009 4:05 PM90 KB  
GlendoraA-G.pdfGlendora High School A-G Survey8/11/2009 3:57 PM375 KB  
HSIAnnualProgressReportData.pdfHSI Annual Progress Report Data8/11/2009 3:57 PM16 KB  
LaborMarketInformation.pdfLabor Market Information8/11/2009 3:57 PM70 KB  
SuccessRates-Spring12.pdfLearning Communities Success Rates Fall 2009 to Spring 20126/24/2015 11:03 AM166 KB  
SuccessRates-Spring14.pdfLearning Communities Success Rates Fall 2012 to Spring 2014 6/24/2015 10:55 AM84 KB  
SuccessRates-Spring15.pdfLearning Communities Success Rates Fall 2013 to Spring 20159/23/2015 8:27 AM91 KB  
LearningCommunityLongitudinalData.pdfLearning Communities Success Rates Spring 2006 to Spring 20096/24/2015 11:03 AM107 KB  
LearningCommunityFastTrackStatisticsSP06-FA08.pdfLearning Community/Fast Track Statistics SP06-FA088/12/2009 9:50 AM17 KB  
Course_Completion-Math+Science.pdfMath and Science Success Rate by Ethnicity8/11/2009 4:05 PM17 KB  
noncreditdata.pdfNon Credit Data8/11/2009 3:59 PM47 KB  
NorthernTripSurveyResults.pdfNorthern Trip Survey Results1/21/2010 12:38 PM106 KB  
PlacementTestFa2013.pdfPlacement Test Study, Fall 20136/4/2015 2:31 PM95 KB  
ProgramReviewDocumentation.pdfProgram Review Documentation9/17/2009 11:14 AM74 KB  
SuccessRateComparisonofEOPS.pdfSuccess Rate Comparison of EOP&S v. Non-EOP&S8/11/2009 3:58 PM185 KB  
SuccessRatesLearningCommunitySP06-FA07.pdfSuccess Rates for Learning Community Students SP06-FA078/11/2009 3:58 PM84 KB  
2008APRData-Title5.pdfTitle V Annual Progress Report 20088/11/2009 3:50 PM14 KB  
TrackingStuFromBStoCollegeLevel.pdfTracking Students From Basic Skills to College-Level Math and English Classes, Fall 2004 to Spring 20106/4/2015 2:28 PM20 KB  
TrackingStudents11-13.pdfTracking Students From Basic Skills to College-Level Math and English Classes: Fall 2011 through Fall 20136/4/2015 2:28 PM92 KB  
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