Redesigning.pdf(Re)designing for Student Success 
AnEvaluation.pdfAn Evaluation of the Accelerated Study of Associate Programs 
BasicSkills.pdfBasic Skills as a Foundation for Student Success 
horn_ccc Transfer rates May 2007.pdfCalifornia Community Colleges Transfer Rates: Who is Counted Makes a Difference 
CCSSE WASC Toolkit.pdfCCSSE and Accreditation 
ClassifyingCommunityColleges.pdfClassifying Community Colleges Based on Students’ Patterns of Use 
designprinciples.pdfDesign Principles for Equity and Excellence at Hispanic-Serving Institutions 
examplesachievingfive.pdfExamples of Achieving Five Principles of Equity, June 2015 
HighImpactPractices.pdfHigh Impact Practices for Community College Engagement 
IR and Culture of Evidence at CC April 2007.pdfInstitutional Research and the Culture of Evidence at Community Colleges 
RAND_OP170_DDDM.pdfMaking Sense of Data-Driven Decision Making in Education 
on track to complete (2).pdfOn Track to Complete? 
Remediation and Effectiveness May 2007.pdfRemediation in the Community College: An Evaluator's Perspective 
Building A Culture of Inquiry.pdfRP Group_Building a Culture of Inquiry: Using a Cycle of Exploring Research and Data to Improve Student Success 
Principles of Redesign.pdfRP Group_Principles of Redesign: Promising Approaches to Transforming Student Outcomes 
Nuances of Completion.pdfRP Group_The Nuances of Completion: Improving Student Outcomes by Unpacking the Numbers 
Understanding The Student Experience.pdfRP Group_Understanding the Student Experience Through the Loss_Momentum Framework: Clearing the Path to Completion 
Rules_of_the_Game.pdfRules of the Game: How State Policy Creates Barriers to Degree Completion and Impedes Student Success in the California Community Colleges 
BirdsEye.pdfThe Bird’s Eye View of Community Colleges 
Adelman_MovingIntoTown.pdfThe Community College in the Lives of Traditional-age Students 
Underrepresentation of Latinos and Blacks in CA.pdfUnder-Representation of Latino and African American Transfers 
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