From time to time, members of Citrus College have received requests wishing to conduct research on campus involving our employees or students. In an effort to ensure that study participants are fully aware of the nature of the research, their rights are protected, and that the research aligns with the mission, vision, values and strategic goals of Citrus College, this Research Project Approval Form is established to protect class time, employee and student rights and college liability.


The following guidelines apply to all external research projects involving Citrus College. An external research project is defined as: "any research project or study which is outside the normal day-to-day operations of Citrus College." A typical example of an external research project is one conducted by a masters or doctoral student who wishes to ask Citrus College students or employees to participate in a study. Examples of normal day-to-day operations include program reviews, Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment, and projects which are part of a Citrus College course.

 Obtaining Permissions

Anyone - employees, students or external persons - who wishes to initiate an external research project must secure permission through completing the Research Project Approval Form. All campus constituents should forward any external research request to the Office of Institutional Research (OIR). Citrus College Research Review Board (CCRRB) will review the application, discuss changes/implications with the principal investigator, and make final recommendations to the appropriate vice president. As a sub-committee of the Institutional Research and Planning Committee (IRPC), CCRRB is composed of the IRPC Chair, a faculty representative, and a dean from Academic Affairs or Student Services. A copy of all research findings will be kept in the OIR.

Citrus College employees and students as well as external persons wishing to conduct on-campus research projects should be directed to Lan Hao, Ph.D, director of Institutional Research, at (626) 914-8521 or  

Download the Research Project Approval Form

and when completed send all required documents via email to