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  • Apply for Admission Online
    • You can apply for summer session and fall semester beginning January 1 and for winter session and spring semester beginning September 1.
    • On the application, you will be asked to select a program/major. If you are not sure what course of program/major, please visit the programs/majors webpage to help with selection of a career and program/major.
    • Once you apply, you do not need to reapply as you register for the term you applied for, or you register for one of the next two terms after the term you applied for.

  • Apply for Financial Aid Online
  • Request official college transcripts from all colleges presiously attended to be sent to the Admission and Records Office. It is recommended high school and college transcripts are on file prior to your registration appointment, and before your appointment with a counselor or educational advisor.

  • Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by an approved transcript evaluation service. Seek advice from a counselor prior to evaluating foreign transcripts.

After November 1, 2018, students who have attended high school within the last ten (10) years will no longer be required to take an assessment test. Student placement into English and math will be based upon self-reported high school GPA and the last math course completed in high school with a "C" or better. Students without high school data are eligible to register in:


  • English 101+S (5 units) with support

Students may pick one of the following two choices:

  • Non-science majors: Math 065 (2 units) + Math 165 (4 units)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) majors: Math 050 (3 units) + Math 150 (5 units)

    All applicants will receive an email regarding their placement into math and English courses.

  • Orientation - Students applying to Citrus College MUST complete orientation. Registration will be withheld from those students who do not complete orientation by the deadline date.

    The deadline date for summer/fall applicants is October 31 and the deadline date for winter/spring applicants is June 30.

    Please refer to the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) section for SSSP exemption criteria information and procedures for challenging matriculation regulatory provisions.

  • Orientation is offered in several formats in which some orientation sessions include a Student Educational Plan (SEP). Orientation can be satisfied by participating in the following sessions:

    • In-person orientation (recommended for new students; SEP included)
      • New Student Assessment/Orientation Session
      • Early Decision Day at Citrus College (only available through high school districts)

    • Online orientation
      • New students who complete the orientation component in addition to the assessment test and student education plan, will earn an earlier registration date.

​Meeting with a counselor/educational advisor is an important part of student success to help students achieve their course of study. The Student Educational Plan (SEP) lists courses that pertain to the identified course of study and is required for participation in many programs on campus. Check with the Counseling and Advisement Center, or appropriate counseling office in which you are eligible to receive services, for available SEP services.

After completion of the assessment and orientation, complete a SEP.

  • If you have completed 15 or less college units, attend a Course Planning Session to create a one semester SEP.
  • If you have 16 or more college units completed, make an appointment with a counselor to complete a SEP.

For the Course Planning Session schedule and to make an appointment, check out the Counseling and Advisement Center online, call (626) 914-8530, or stop by the Counseling and Advisement Center (located on the second floor of the Student Services Building).

If you are eligible for specialty counseling services, inquire with the appropriate department for available SEP services. Failure to complete a SEP will result in a lower registration appointment.


View your registration appointment date on portal. You will need your Citrus Identification Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your PIN is your birth date (example: if April 30, 1988, then enter 043088) unless you previously changed your PIN.

There is a YouTube video on how to view your registration appointment.

For information on how registration appointments are issued and what you need to do to ensure you receive a higher registration appointment, visit the registration priority page.

Your appointment is valid for the date and time shown, and for any scheduled registration date and time thereafter.


On your registration date, go to and click on "Register or Add/Drop Classes."

Be prepared to pay for your classes when you register to avoid losing your classes due to non-payment roll-out.

If you experience technical issues login in to email, WingSpan, wireless access, or Canvas, please visit the Student Login Guide.

There are also YouTube videos on how to search the class schedule, how to register for classes, and how to make a payment.


If you enroll in a class and miss the first meeting, the instructor may give your place to a waiting student.

If you cannot take the class, it is your responsibility to drop your class online before the drop/withdrawal deadlines.

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