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Graduation Application for Degree, Certificate and Skill Award
Graduating students must file a Graduation Application with the Admissions and Records Office to receive a degree, certificate and/or skill award. The application allows students to apply for multiple awards at the same time.

2017-2018 Filing Periods
Fall 2017: May 15, 2017 - November 9, 2017
Winter 2018: November 13, 2017 - January 26, 2018
Spring 2018: November 13, 2017 - April 13, 2018
All deadlines can be found online on the Important Dates page or in the current class schedule.

General Instructions

1. Students are strongly encouraged, though not required, to schedule an appointment with a counselor to review your graduation application. Please call to schedule an appointment at (626) 914-8530.

2. Any required certificate/verification or approved course waiver or substitution must be petitioned and attached to the application.

3. Submit the Graduation Application for ADT, AA/AS, Certificate of Achievement and Skill Award to the Admissions and Records Office by the posted deadline.

4. Students who change their mailing address after they applied must update their address with the Admissions and Records Office.

5. Students can abbreviate their middle name, exclude their middle name, or abbreviate their first name if using a middle name. If a student wishes to use a name other than their legal name, such as a nickname, the nickname should appear in place of the middle name with quotations. Students who wish to have a name different than their legal name in place of their first name must go through the formal process to update their name and submit proof of the change of legal name with the Admissions and Records Office.

6. Students using external credits to meet graduation requirements, such as AP Exam, CLEP Exam, IB Exam or Military Credit, must submit the official external exam scores and/or DD214 to the Admissions and Records Office at the time of application.

7. Official transcripts from other colleges attended by the student must be on file with the Admissions and Records Office at the time of application. Students who wish to use coursework outside of Citrus College to satisfy degree requirements must see a counselor to evaluate eligible coursework before submitting the graduation application.

8. Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by an approved transcript evaluation service. Students should seek advice from a counselor prior to evaluating foreign transcripts.

9. A student who receives one degree or certificate may subsequently or simultaneously work on additional degrees and certificates.

We encourage students to track their progress toward degrees, certificates, and/or skill awards using Degree Works. A navigation guide and login instructions may be found on the Degree Works website. A student's WingSpan ID and password provides access to Degree Works.

All earned graduation requirements must come from a single catalog. Requirements, including a description of catalog rights, can be found in the Citrus College Catalog.

For questions and further assistance with using Degree Works, please visit the Counseling Center or call (626) 914-8530.

For information regarding graduation requirements, please visit the Associate Degree Requirements page or call the Counseling and Advisement Center at (626) 914-8530.

Graduation Ceremony (Commencement)
One commencement ceremony is held in the spring for students who graduated the preceding summer, fall, winter and spring terms. A summer graduate may request to participate in the preceding spring graduation if they file the petition for graduation by that spring graduation deadline, meet all graduation requirements for summer graduation at the time of evaluation, and are enrolled in only one or two classes for a total of nine or fewer units in summer. For more information on participating in the graduation ceremony, please visit the Commencement Activities page.

After your graduation application has been processed and approved, the diploma will be mailed from the Admissions and Records Office as soon as it becomes available. Students may expect to receive their diploma, as follows:

Fall Diplomas: mailed March of following year
Spring Diplomas: mailed September of the same year
Summer Diplomas: mailed November of the same year
Winter Diplomas: mailed April of the same year

Diplomas will not be released until the student has paid all of his or her outstanding debts to the college. If you have questions regarding diplomas, please call (626) 914-8502.

Duplicate Diplomas
For a duplicate diploma, complete and submit the Diploma/Certificate Reorder Form along with a check for $16 payable to Citrus College, Admissions and Records Office. Students can also pay with cash or with credit card in person at the Cashier's Office.Duplicate diplomas take approximate three (3) weeks to process. Diplomas will not be released until the student has paid all of his or her outstanding debts to the college. If you have questions regarding diplomas, please call (626) 914-8502.