Welcome Citrus College Student,
To better assist your educational goals, Citrus College is now combining registration for winter and spring 2018. That means that you will be able to register for both summer and fall at the same time. Registration appointments are posted on WingSpan. Priority registration will begin Monday, November 13. Registration will remain open until the start of each term. Please review the FAQs below for additional information.

Winter and Spring Registration FAQs

Q1: Why is spring registration moving up from January to November?
A: There are many reasons to move up spring registration and chief among them is our ability to provide registration assistance to more students. Most students who register for spring are continuing students. In other words, most students who will register for spring are on campus in the fall and are not on campus in the winter. By having registration when more students are on campus, we hope to provide students with additional services to make their registration a success. In addition, School Relations and Outreach and the Counseling and Advisement Center will be at our local high schools helping to register our incoming spring students, something we could not do in January.

Q2: Are students required to enroll in both winter and spring terms?
A: No, students can choose to enroll in only one term or both terms. However, students are encouraged to register as soon as possible as some classes fill up quickly.

Q3: What are the drop for nonpayment dates?
A: Winter drop for nonpayment will take place November 29 and January 6. Spring drop for nonpayment will take place January 17, January 31, and February 18.

Q4: If a student enrolls in both winter and spring, do they have to pay for both terms?
A: No, payments for both terms will be
staggered so that a student only needs to pay for each term prior to the drop for nonpayment deadline(s) for that term.

Q5: When can students begin making payments?
A: Students can begin making payments for winter on November 13 and for spring on January 8. Students will begin receiving overdue notices for spring via email on January 8.

Q6: What if a course a student wants to register for in spring has a prerequisite class that the student plans to take in winter? Will WingSpan let the student enroll in the course for spring?
A: Yes, the student will be able to enroll for a spring class that requires passing a prerequisite class as long the student is enrolled in the prerequisite class in winter.

Q7: What if the student fails a class in winter that is a prerequisite for a class the student registers to take in the spring?
A: If the student fails the winter class, the Admissions and Records Office will administratively drop the student from the spring class prior to the start of the spring semester and the student will then be able to register to repeat the failed course.

Q8: What if a student is currently enrolled in fall, not passing a class they are currently enrolled in, and wants to register to repeat that class in winter or spring?
A: The student information system assumes that all students currently enrolled in a class will pass the class. Therefore, the student can register for the subsequent class, but cannot enroll to repeat a class they may be failing until the final grade posts. Students who are not passing a class and wish to use their priority registration appointment to register for the same class should consider dropping the class with a “W”. If it is too late to drop the class with a "W", the student will need to wait until the instructor submits the final grades for the class.

Note: A strategy for students who are currently enrolled for a class they are failing in fall and want to repeat the class in winter and take the next level class in spring: register for the spring class during their priority registration period and as soon as their substandard grade posts for the fall class, try to register to repeat the class in winter.

Q9: What if the student doesn't know what classes to register for?
A: Students should follow their Student Educational Plan (SEP) when registering for courses. If they need to update their SEP, students should make an appointment to review their SEP with a counselor.

Q10: If students have financial aid now, do they need to reapply?
A: Financial Aid is available for both winter and spring terms and students currently receiving financial aid for fall do not need to reapply to receive financial aid in winter/spring.

Q11: What if a student wants to receive financial aid for winter/spring and they are not currently receiving financial aid?
A: Students who are not currently receiving financial aid can still apply to receive financial aid for winter and spring by completing the 2017-2018 FAFSA/BOGFW/Dream Act. The financial aid deadline for 2017-2018 is June 15, 2018.

Q12: When will students be able to purchase parking?
A: The parking process will continue as before. Starting the last week of November and continuing thereafter, students who paid their winter fees will be able to purchase winter parking. Spring parking won't be available until the last week of January.

Q13: How will probation affect students registering for winter and spring?
A: Upon running standing for fall in January, students on probation receive a hold that prevents them from adding/dropping any additional classes. To remove the hold, students must complete a probation workshop. Students who registered before spring standing was run will be allowed to keep their winter classes. Because students on probation are not allowed to enroll in more than 13 units in spring, students who were enrolled in 13 or more units at the time probation is run will get a second hold that will require the student to see a counselor. The counselor will assist the student in reducing their coursework.

Q14: Who do we contact with registration problems?
A: Whenever registration problem come up (e.g. errors with appointments, prerequisites, course repetition), please contact the Registrar, Brian Dean at (626) 914-8597, or the Admissions Coordinator, Cathy Napoli at (626) 914-8592. Please make sure you have the student ID number, CRN, and error message with you when you contact the Admissions and Records Office. If you override the error, we may not be able to recreate the problem and solve it.