Before You Begin: Be Aware!

o You MUST check your Citrus College student e-mail frequently during registration to avoid missing a waitlist registration opportunity.
a. Make sure you are able to access your Citrus College student e-mail address before you register.
b. For more information on accessing Citrus College student e-mail accounts, go to  

o Be aware of rollout times and payment requirements.
a. If the waitlist permission expires on Sunday, you will need to register and pay on Sunday. If the payment is not made, you will be rolled out for non-payment on Sunday night.
b. You do not need to pay to be on the waitlist.
c. If you are rolled out for nonpayment of classes in which you registered, you will also be rolled out from your waitlisted classes.

o You are not automatically removed from a waitlist.
a. When you have completed your schedule be courteous to your fellow students by removing yourself from waitlists.

o The waitlist does not check for time conflict.
a. If you place yourself on a waitlist that has a time conflict with a class in which you are already enrolled, when the waitlisted class opens, you will not be able to register in the newly opened class. You must make a choice between the two classes.

o You cannot waitlist for a class in which you are already registered.
a. Example: you are registered in a section of ENGL 101, but would prefer a section at a different time. The section with the preferred time is closed and has a waitlist. You will not be able to remain registered in the current section of ENGL 101 and waitlist the preferred section.

o You can be on waitlists for multiple classes, but only for one section of each course.
a. Example: you want to take a psychology course and all sections were closed. You can place yourself on a waitlist for PSY 101, PSY 102, and PSY 103, but not for multiple sections of PSY 101.

o The waitlist checks for meeting prerequisite requirements.
a. You will not be able to place yourself on the waitlist for a course where you have not met the prerequisite requirements.

o Waitlists do not check for repeatability limitations.
a. Waitlists are not an option to avoid repeatability limitations.
b. You can place yourself on a waitlist even if enrollment in the class will be prohibited due to repeatability limitations. However, if you have reached the repeatability limits, you will NOT be able to register when the waitlist option opens.