Geraldine M. Perri, Ph.D.  

Superintendent/President's Welcome

I am honored to welcome you as a new employee to Citrus College! You join a diverse team of professionals dedicated to guiding our students to academic excellence and economic opportunity. You also become a member of an exceptional institution with a long and rich history. For more than a century, Citrus College has transformed lives and served as a gateway to opportunity. Founded in 1915, Citrus College is the oldest community college in Los Angeles County and the fifth oldest in California.

With its unwavering commitment to student achievement, Citrus College has earned a stellar reputation as a leader in higher education. Our national, state and local accolades reflect the leadership of our Board of Trustees and the contributions of students, faculty, staff and community supporters who work tirelessly to create a culture of academic excellence.

Citrus College is a "College of Completion" and as such is committed to providing our students with a pathway towards completion of an associate degree, an associate degree for transfer or a certificate of achievement.

As a member of the Citrus College community, you will now contribute to the college's continued excellence, thus impacting the lives of the thousands of students. Either directly or indirectly, you will help guide our students to their academic and professional goals. I know from personal experience, there is no better feeling than leading our students to new heights.

Citrus College has much to offer to you as well! From professional development opportunities and community forums, to outstanding performances at the Haugh Performing Arts Center and exciting sporting events, I encourage you to take advantage of the many events and activities available to you.

I know you will achieve much satisfaction and personal fulfillment with the significant contributions that you will make to the continued success of Citrus College and to the students and communities we serve. Your dedication will be rewarded when you see the proud Citrus College students marching at Commencement each and every year.

Congratulations on becoming a member of the Citrus College team, and once again, welcome to Citrus College.

Geraldine M. Perri, Ph.D.