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Technical Review

The Technical Review Committee is a subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee that provides editing, crafting recommendations, and resources to faculty originators, designed to achieve coherent, unified curriculum without subjecting every proposal to delays involving additional rounds of review by the college Curriculum Committee.

TECHNICAL REVIEW COMMITTEE MEMBERS [ listed in alphabetical order ]
Kathleen Bueno Curriculum Assistant kbueno@citruscollege.edu
David Kary Faculty dkary@citruscollege.edu
James Lancaster Dean, Curriculum, CTE jlancaster@citruscollege.edu
Jennifer McLeod Faculty jmcleod@citruscollege.edu
Gino Munoz Faculty gmunoz@citruscollege.edu
David Overly Faculty doverly@citruscollege.edu
Carolyn Perry Faculty cperry@citruscollege.edu
Michelle Plug-Gordin Articulation Officer mplug@citruscollege.edu
Gloria Ramos Faculty gramos@citruscollege.edu
Nickawanna Shaw Faculty / Tech Review Chair nshaw@citruscollege.edu
Arvid Spor Interim VP, Academic Affairs aspor@citruscollege.edu
Stephanie Yee SLO, Assessment Coord syee@citruscollege.edu

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