Art History and Appreciation - Fundamentals
CRN: 30412
16 Weeks - Distance Education course 


On-Campus Requirements

Name  Maryann Rachford
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This is a three-unit course designed to further the general education of all students.  A study of the basic principles, elements, and art concepts, and how they are applied to art forms, from prehistoric times to the present.  CSU;UC

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of aesthetic responses based on critical thinking
  2. Recognize historic styles and techniques
  3. Evaluate forms, functions and interrelationships of art and culture
  4. Critique an art style as related to the culture which produced it
  5. Compare stylistic eras
  6. Compare individual artists’ styles
  7. Recognize and distinguish major monuments of paintings, drawings, sculpture and architecture
  8. Demonstrate a knowledge of and analyze art as a non-verbal language of communication

Exploring Art, edition 4, copyright 2012, Lazzari & Schleisier, ISBN # 978-1-111-34378-1
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Over the 16-week semester three hours per week are required for each unit of credit.  Two hours of independent work are required for each hour of lecture.  Students are required to complete the following types of assignments:

  1. Study
  2. Answer questions   
  3. Practice skills
  4. Read required materials
  5. Write essays, research papers or journals
  6. Participate in activities related to course content

Midterm Exam and Final Exam Requirements
There will be a midterm and final exam, online.
Your student ID and knowledge from the text and lectures will be required.

Students Will:

  1. Email the professor at the beginning of the first week to note presence in the class and furnish an email address/register for class online.
  2. Check the weekly announcements in Blackboard’s Announcements, lecture notes in Blackboard’s Course Documents and assignments in Blackboard Assignments menu.
  3. Write a one page paper (12 point type, double spaced) on a museum visit. Choose one work by an artist displayed in the collection of a museum you visit and critique it based on the elements and principles of art, and it’s aesthetic properties. Do not attach this, rather copy and paste it into the email you send to me as attachments are not always able to open depending on file formats.
  4. Write a one page paper (12 point type, double spaced) on an artist of your choice. Include information on the artist’s background, movement(s), medium(s), works, and his/her influence on the art world/place in history. A three source bibliography is required. Do not attach this, rather copy and paste it into the e-mail you send to me as attachments are not always able to open depending on file formats.
  5. Take a midterm and a final exam.
  6. Participate in class discussions using Blackboard’s Virtual Classroom & Discussion Board based on readings, discussion questions, museum visits and other related materials. Chat room will be on Tuesday nights from 5:45-6:45. If you cannot join the discussion at that time answer the discussion questions & e-mail them to the professor.
  7. Be notified of impending field trips.
  8. Keep copies of all emails sent to professor in the event of computer problems. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure the professor receives all their work. If the professor does not respond to your email assume it was not received.
  9. Understand that any student caught cheating will automatically fail the class and will be recommended for student discipline, no exceptions.
  10. Follow the rules of conduct as outlined in the Citrus Student Handbook.
  11. Immediately report email/computer problems to the professor. It is entirely the student’s responsibility to complete the course, even in the event of computer failure. A voice mail message can always be left.
  12. Next, go to the class site. (See below

You will need to use your official Citrus College issued email account. Your email is established when you are registered for classes. You must have access to your email account prior to starting the class. 

Details regarding the course are set forth in the class website. When you go there (see below), pay particular attention to the syllabus section and the assignment section.     

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  • Your WingSpan PIN (Personal Identification Number) becomes your Blackboard password
  • To change your PIN/password requires, change it in WingSpan
  • Data will be transferred from WingSpan to Blackboard on a regular basis

    Once you get to the Blackboard welcome page, click on the Art History and Appreciation - Fundamentals course link on the right, and you will go to the course site. Familiarize yourself with the course site and if you have any questions please email your instructor with your concerns. Get your textbook and get started with your initial assignments. A major key to your success in this course will be keeping up with both the reading and the other assignments.   


    If you have a disability documented by a physician or other appropriate professional and wish to discuss academic accommodations, please contact the DSP&S office at (626) 914-8675. Please discuss your accommodations with your instructor by email. Be sure to allow at least one week for appropriate accommodations to be arranged.