Mass Media and Society
CRN: 30025
16 Weeks - Distance Education course 

On-Campus Requirements

Name  Theresa Villeneuve
Phone  (626) 852-8016
Location  CI 303

Welcome! You are either enrolled in, or you are interested in enrolling in, the Communications 100 Distance Education class. I like to call this the dog and pony show of the mass media. We'll be examining all forms of mass communication (books, recordings, television, the web, etc) and critically discuss current issues related to them.  I think this is a great class for every student, since the mass media has so much to do with the way we view the world.  It’s also very important (in light of media convergence and conglomeration) to be aware of how much power the media has over our daily lives.

Stuff you should know
This is not a hard class.  The media are so pervasive that pretty much everyone is an expert on the media to a certain extent.  That’s the good news.  However, this is a very time consuming class.  I’m mostly interested in your opinions and thoughts about the media, and it’s easy to fall behind.  If you take this class, it won’t make your head hurt with complicated concepts, but it will require a lot of time online.

Quick Response Code Blackboard
Comm 100 will utilize Blackboard as our online learning system.  Go to the Online Orientation page for more information about logging on to Blackboard.  (Your student account will be available by the first day of class.)  You should log in during the first THREE DAYS of the semester if you are enrolled.  Failure to do so could result in your being dropped.

What will I be doing?
You’ll be posting a lot on a discussion board.  To get an A, you’ll have to post about 30 times.  That’s a lot.  You’ll also be working on mass communication projects on your own that will hopefully draw attention to the role that the media has in your life.  Most of the assignments involve offering your opinion on issues.  That shouldn’t be too hard, since if there’s one thing the average college student has plenty of, it’s opinions.  You will also be taking open book quizzes.  There is a midterm and a final that is open book but with a time limit.

The Book
The book we will use is called Media Essentials, first edition, by Richard Campbell; Christopher R. Martin; Bettina G. Fabos. The ISBN number is 9780312590857. Make sure you get this book! The other Comm 100 classes use a different text, and occasionally people aren’t paying attention when they buy the book and they get the wrong one. That could really ruin your day. A question I am often asked is whether you can use an older edition. Here’s the deal with that: there is no older edition -- it's a brand new book and I chose it because it's about half the price of most Comm books. So just buy it. There are some cheaper used ones out there. Go get one, it's not optional.

What should I do first?
You should LOG ON TO BLACKBOARD (your student account will be available by the first day of class) during the first THREE DAYS OF THE SEMESTER.  That tells me that you plan to participate in the course.  If I don’t see you logging in during the first three days, I may drop you and give your spot to some other hapless student.  If you run into trouble logging in, email me and let me know.  My email address is

I’m not enrolled, but I’d like to be
Usually I don’t over-enroll this class very much because if I have too many students I get overwhelmed and I do a bad job.  No one wants that! However, you can email me the week before or the first week of class and I may take pity on you.

Details regarding the course are set forth in the class website (see below). When you go there, pay particular attention to the syllabus section and the assignment section. 

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  • Your WingSpan PIN (Personal Identification Number) becomes your Blackboard password
  • To change your PIN/password requires, change it in WingSpan
  • Data will be transferred from WingSpan to Blackboard on a regular basis

Once you get to the Blackboard welcome page, click on the Mass Media and Society course link on the right, and you will go to the course site. Familiarize yourself with the course site and if you have any questions please email your instructor with your concerns. Get your textbook and get started with your initial assignments. A major key to your success in this course will be keeping up with both the reading and the other assignments.   


If you have a disability documented by a physician or other appropriate professional and wish to discuss academic accommodations, please contact the DSP&S office at (626) 914-8675. Please discuss your accommodations with your instructor by email. Be sure to allow at least one week for appropriate accommodations to be arranged.