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    Music 109

    Music Appreciation
    CRN: 32217
    16 Weeks - Distance Education course 

    On Campus Requirements
    Mandatory Orientation: Wednesday, February 19th at 5:00PM in VT 319

    Music 114 header

    Name  Bruce Langford
    Email  blangford@citruscollege.edu
    Phone  (626) 914-8585
    Location  PA 135

    Welcome to Music 114, Music Appreciation. The purpose of this introduction is to acquaint you with the academic and technological aspects of the course. The technical aspects are not difficult, but do require some attention. That's one reason there is a MANDATORY ORIENTATION so that we can discuss it together. In addition, once you have begun the course it will be important to keep up with the classes. Once due dates have passed, you will no longer be able to access some parts of the course, so it will be important not to fall behind. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. My email address is blangford@citruscollege.edu and my phone number is 626.914.8585. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Mandatory Orientation: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 5:00PM
    First class posted online: Monday, February 24, 2014 
    MidTerm Exam: Friday, April 11, 2014
    Final Exam: Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    To get started with the course:

    • You will need to purchase an access code and perhaps a CD-ROMs, depending on your internet delivery. We will discuss at the Orientation the easiest and least expensive way to purchase these, but you should be aware that the cost is approximately $110 and you MUST have this within the first few days of class in order to avoid missing too much work.

    Music is art as well as science. To be able to comprehend it to the fullest we must, therefore, be able to appreciate both its emotional and intellectual content.

    The aim of this course is very simple: To provide you with the tools for a basic understanding of music. It will not make you a musician or teach you how to write music. It will, however, give you the necessary background to understand what is going on technically when you are listening to music so that your experience is not limited to a wash of sound that produces a certain feeling.

    The course will concentrate on:
    a) The development of an attentive style of listening,
    b) The introduction and systematic study of the building blocks of music, and
    c) Enhancing awareness of the main musical styles of selected western and non-western cultures.

    Your instructor for this online class is Professor Bruce Langford. Professor Langford can be contacted at:
    Citrus College Music Department
    Office hours: By appointment.
    E-mail: blangford@citruscollege.edu
    Phone: 626.914.8585
    Fax: 626.914.8582
    Professor Langford will respond to email within 24 hours in most cases.

    There are a number of things you will need in order to take the MUSIC 114 Online Music Appreciation course. Look over the following list to make sure that you have everything you need.

    Hardware Requirements (minimum)

    Windows XP, Vista, or better
    Pentium 2 GHz or better
    1 GB RAM or more
    DSL or Cable Internet Access (High Speed Internet Connection)
    SoundBlaster compatible
    Stereo Headphones

    Mac OS 10.4 or better
    G5, Intel, or better
    1 GB RAM or more
    DSL or Cable Internet Access (High Speed Internet Connection)
    Built in audio
    Stereo Headphones

    Software Requirements
    You will need Flash Player 10, Sibelius Scorch, and RealPlayer (optional). You will need the most recent browser that supports functionality such as Java, JavaScript, and frames. Your browser should also allow you to turn "cookies" on. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari are recommended browsers.

    Email Account
    You will need to use your official Citrus College issued email account. Your email is established when you are registered for classes. You must have access to your email account prior to starting the class.

    Computer Access on Campus: General Access Lab Information on the Web
    Headsets won't be available at the Lab. You need to bring your own headsets in order to listen to the course music examples without disturbing other lab users.

    There will be no lectures in this course. This is a fully paperless class. All course materials, including the musical examples either streamed or on CD-ROM, will be accessed electronically. 

    Quizzes (25): 25%
    Assignments (6): 12.5%
    Mid-Term exam: 25%
    Final exam: 25%
    Concert Attendance Report: 12.5%

    A fixed grade scale is used, so that it is possible for everyone to do well.
    A.............. 9
    B.............. 8
    C.............. 7
    D.............. 6
    0- 69%
    F............... below 60

    NOTE: This course does NOT use Blackboard.  


    If you have a disability documented by a physician or other appropriate professional and wish to discuss academic accommodations, please contact the DSP&S office at (626) 914-8675. Please discuss your accommodations with your instructor by email. Be sure to allow at least one week for appropriate accommodations to be arranged. 

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