History of Music II
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16 Weeks - Distance Education course 

On Campus Requirements
Mandatory Orientation: Wednesday, February 19th at 5:00PM in VT 319

Name  Bruce Langford
Email  blangford@citruscollege.edu
Phone  (626) 914-8585
Location  PA 135

The aims of this course are very simple: To provide you with the tools for a basic understanding of the different music periods in history, and familiarize you with the main composers, music literature, and genres in each one of them.

Imagine that you are a composer or a performer. This may not be hard for some of you, as you may already be one. Now think about the music that you compose or perform. The particular approach you bring to a piece of music depends on many factors: who your teachers were, who your musical influences were, or your own ingenuity. There will even be some factors that are out of your control, but have an equally profound effect on the music you create: the social or political climate of the time you live in; your upbringing; your religious or spiritual background. The music you make is shaped by the same influences that shape your life, your personality, and your beliefs. Similarly, when we look at the music of the great composers, we want to know what shapes their music. We want to understand how and why their music can have such a deep influence on us.

To understand the answers to these questions, it is important to analyze the musical style of a composer along with his life circumstances, the political, social, and religious beliefs of his era, and the impact of his or her style on following generations.

This, in essence, is the main point of our study of music history. We will focus on the salient characteristics of the music of different composers and historical periods. We will also look at the personal stories of the great composers. Our goal is to better understand their interrelation with their music, and, hopefully, to better understand the music of our own time.

You will notice that there are a number of LINKS throughout the course. These are not merely "graphic decoration." They include definitions of words, architectural drawings, cathedral floor plans, great works of art, timelines, and much, much more. This information is as much a part of the course as the rest of the text and is intended to enhance your understanding of the subject. This information will also enable you to better respond to the Assignments and answer exam questions.

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Orientation Wednesday, February 19, 2014
First Posted Class Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Midterm Thursday, April 10, 2014
Final Thursday, June 5, 2014

To get started with the course:

  • You will need to purchase an access code and perhaps a CD-ROMs, depending on your internet delivery. We will discuss at the Orientation the easiest and least expensive way to purchase these, but you should be aware that the cost is approximately $110 and you MUST have this within the first few days of class in order to avoid missing too much work.


Your instructor for this online class is Professor Bruce Langford

Professor Langford can be contacted at:

Music Department
Citrus College
Office PA135
Office hours: By appointment.

E-mail: blangford@citruscollege.edu
Phone: 626.914.8585
Fax: 626.914.8582
Professor Langford will respond to email within two hours whenever possible, and within 24 hours in all cases.

There are a number of things you will need in order to take the Music History course. Look over the following list to make sure that you have everything you need.

Hardware Requirements (minimum)

Windows XP, Vista, or better
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Mac OS 10.4 or better
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Software Requirements
You will need Flash Player 10 and RealPlayer. You will need the most recent browser that supports functionality such as Java, JavaScript, and frames. Your browser should also allow you to turn "cookies" on. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari are recommended browsers.

OnMusic History Survey is offered using the incredible resources of the World Wide Web (WWW) for learning purposes. This format has challenged many traditionally held assumptions about teaching and learning. I will not go into the many ways this has happened. I will, rather, let this exciting adventure unfold and reveal its lessons to all of you.

There will be no lectures in this course. Actually, we will be at the opposite pole of the lecture paradigm. In this course, you are expected to communicate constantly with your classmates via electronic mail and Discussion Forums, and to cooperatively learn concepts, solve problems, and complete projects. This will be a major component of the learning experience.

This is a fully paperless class. All course materials, including the musical examples on CD-ROM, will be accessed electronically. Electronic mail (email) and Discussion Forums will be the main source of information and interaction among us.

However, you must be fully conscious that despite its present state of sophistication, computer technology is, for many reasons, quite immature. Expect to encounter some hurdles along the way. Don't be frustrated by them. Learn from your shortcomings and those of the technologies that we will be using.



16 Quizzes 16%
4 Assignments 24%
Concert Report 10%
Midterm exam 25%
Final exam 25%

A fixed grade scale is used, so that it is possible for everyone to do well.

B.............. 80-89.99%
C.............. 70-79.99%
D.............. 60-69.99%
below 60%

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Details regarding the course are set forth in the class website. When you go there (see below), pay particular attention to the syllabus section and the assignment section.  

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Once you get to the Blackboard welcome page, click on the History of Music II course link on the right, and you will go to the course site. Familiarize yourself with the course site and if you have any questions please email your instructor with your concerns. Get your textbook and get started with your initial assignments. A major key to your success in this course will be keeping up with both the reading and the other assignments.   


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