Introduction to Psychology
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16 Weeks - Distance Education course 

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Name  Andrew Kim, Ph.D.
Phone  (626) 914-8865
Location  CI 252

Welcome to Introduction to Psychology. This 3 unit (transferable CSU/UC) online course provides a general overview of psychology and allows students to gain insight into the processes by which psychologists gather information about human and animal behavior. Some of the topics we will cover this semester include; history of psychology, the brain, child development, learning and memory, intelligence, sexuality, mental disorders, and types of psychotherapies.

Goals and Objectives
The purpose of this course is to provide students with a broad introduction to the field of psychology. Through a review of existing scientific literature you are expected to:

  1. acquire comprehension of the theories in the major areas within psychology, and
  2. critically evaluate historical and modern findings through the application of the scientific method. Your level of subject knowledge will be evaluated through the administration of objective examinations intended to measure your aptitude of the various topics within psychology.

Psychology: Core Concepts by Zimbardo.

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Once you get to the Blackboard welcome page, click on the Introduction to Psychology course link on the right, and you will go to the course site. Familiarize yourself with the course site and if you have any questions please email your instructor with your concerns. Get your textbook and get started with your initial assignments. A major key to your success in this course will be keeping up with both the reading and the other assignments.   


If you have a disability documented by a physician or other appropriate professional and wish to discuss academic accommodations, please contact the DSP&S office at (626) 914-8675. Please discuss your accommodations with your instructor by email. Be sure to allow at least one week for appropriate accommodations to be arranged.