Survey of Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse
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16 Weeks - Distance Education course 

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Name  Kenneth Guttman, Ph.D.
Phone  (626) 857-4031
Location  CI 259

Welcome! You are either enrolled in, or you are interested in enrolling in the Psychology 213 DE class. As described in the class schedule: This survey course includes drug classification, drug physiology and psychopharmacology, theories of addiction, history and theories of treatment, dual diagnosis, drug testing and social policy, recovery and rehabilitation, and other related topics.

About Dr. Guttman
Dr. Kenneth Guttman is a full time psychology professor at Citrus College since 1991. He has also taught at Cal Poly Pomona and has lectured at the University of London, in England and Universidad Salamanca, in Spain. He has been involved with behavioral medical research and had a private practice in psychology for many years. He just recently received the Citrus College Outstanding Faculty Award for his work assisting students transferring to a four year university. Dr. Guttman was the founding father of the Citrus College distance education program. Dr. Guttman just resigned this year as the head women's basketball coach and having the most wins ever in the history of the college.

Dr. Guttman has taught and lectured since 1979. He began his teaching career at San Pedro and Peninsula Hospital. There, he taught the inpatient adolescent psychiatric patients. In addition, he lectured the medical and nursing staff about pain management, anxiety disorders and other behavioral medicine topics. He has presented at numerous local hospitals.

From 1983 to 1984, Dr. Guttman was an intern at University of California, Los Angeles behavioral medical program, Comprehensive Health Education Enhancement and Research Institute. At the institute, he received training in behavioral medicine, and researched the area of pain management. He completed his dissertation on the topic of chronic pain management in 1986. Also, at the institute, he received training in neuropsychology and related fields.

Dr. Guttman was a private practitioner as a psychotherapist for nineteen years in Covina. His practice served patients suffering from anxiety, stress related and affective disorders. Approximately fifty percent of his practice was working with young children. A study that he completed in 1994 with a colleague, discussed the treatment of young children's nightmares. Dr. Guttman presented this study at the annual meeting of the American Board of Medical Psychotherapist in Phoenix, Arizona.

In November 1995, Dr. Guttman was selected to be the visiting scholar from Citrus College. He was invited to the University of London where he lectured on Nature versus Nurture: The History of Behavioral Capacities.

Dr. Guttman was the Distance Education Coordinator for Citrus College for four years, from 1995 to 1999. During his leadership, the program expanded from one class with 17 students to more than 60 classes and almost 2,000 students. He was also invited as a guest speaker to the annual conference of Florida University and College Distance Education Symposium in 1999.

In addition to his duties as a full time instructor, Dr. Guttman was a successful women's basketball coach here at Citrus College (2001-2006). Coach Guttman was selected as Western State Conference Coach of the year (2005). Proudly, the program over a five year period boasted sixteen players with a 3.5 grade point average or better and thirty-two players who have gone on to a four-year university. Under his leadership, the Lady Owls accomplished numerous goals. The team won the Western State Conference championship for the first time in their history (2005). They made the "Sweet-16" in the state playoffs for the first time ever (2005). Fourteen players have been honored by the Western State Conference over the last five years.

Dr. Guttman currently lives in San Dimas with his wife, Marla, and his two daughters, Alexandria graduated from the University of Arizona and is currently a marketing manager and Brianna is currently attending San Diego University. Dr. Guttman is active in his community, and for last two years he has been the head girls varsity basketball coach at Chino Hills High School.  This UCLA graduate enjoys "ball park" trips across the country, as well as nature hikes, historical travel, golf, scuba diving and most sports.

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