Every fall, Citrus College conducts a campus wide "Drop-Cover-and-Hold" earthquake drill in conjunction with the Great California Shake Out.

On the specified date and time, all faculty and staff are requested to direct their classes or the people around them to drop, cover and hold on to whatever available furniture, desks, etc., may provide cover.

For more information on the Great California Shake Out, including what individuals, families and schools can do to prepare, log on to www.shakeout.org/california  

To view a four-minute information and training video on the Drop-Cover-and-Hold drill, go to Earthquake Safety Video.

You are encouraged to view the video, and to take proactive steps to be prepared for this important drill. This is an exercise that, quite literally, could save lives.

Please update your Citrus Alert information so we can keep you informed of campus occurrences.

 Drop, Cover, Hold On!