The Americans with Disabilities Assistance Act requires that public multistory buildings designate Emergency Evacuation Assistance Areas as part of the building's emergency evacuation plan. Citrus College has several multistory buildings. They include:

1. Administration (AD)
2. Video Technology (VT)
3. Language Arts Building (LB)
4. Hayden Library and Learning Resource Center (LI)
5. Mathematics/Sciences (MA)
6. Educational Development (ED)
7. Professional Center (PC)
8. Physical Science (PS)
9. Student Services Building (SS)
10. Technology Building "C" (TC)

Emergency Evacuation Assistance Areas (EEAA)
Emergency Evacuation Assistance Areas are formal assembly points where emergency responders could initially be directed, if needed, to help mobility impaired persons evacuate the building.

There are two on each floor and each location has been placarded for easy identification.

When a mobility-impaired person cannot exit the second or third story of a campus building on his or her own (or cannot initially be evacuated without additional assistance), direct them to the nearest EEAA site to await evacuation assistance.

Mobility-Impaired Students: Help Us Help You
In an emergency evacuation situation, it is critical to your health and safety that YOU are familiar with your special needs and that you CONVEY these needs to your instructor, work supervisor or a trusted student.

In addition and on your own:

1. Be familiar with exits in buildings you learn and work in.
2. Be familiar with the nearest Emergency Evacuation Assistance Areas.
3. Be familiar with the emergency alarm system.
4. If appropriate, designate a person to assist you during the evacuation. Keep in mind the safety of your helper during the evacuation -- they cannot assist you if they are injured or hurt.
5. Know what the safest method is to assist you in an emergency, and be able to explain it to others.