C.C.R., Title 8, Section 3203

Safety shall be an integral part of every work function at Citrus College. Whenever our safety and health objectives conflict with other objectives, safety and health shall be the first consideration.

Our Injury and Illness Prevention Program, or IIPP, is a description of how the college will provide a safe and healthful work environment for all employees. A complete copy of the plan is found in the Citrus College Safety Training Manual. The manual is in the Environmental Health and Safety Office and is also distributed to all supervisors and managers. You are encouraged to review the college's IIPP. It is available upon request. The following is a brief overview of the program.

What the IIPP Includes:

  1. A system for identifying and evaluating workplace hazards
  2. Methods and procedures for correcting unsafe and/or unhealthful conditions and work practices
  3. An employee communication system designed to encourage employees to report hazards at the workplace without fear of reprisal
  4. A system for ensuring employee compliance with safe and healthful work including a written disciplinary process
  5. A procedure to investigate workplace injuries and illnesses
  6. An employee safety training and awareness program
  7. Identification of a person responsible for implementing the program

Employees Have the Right to:

  1. Receive training specific to the tasks they are required to perform
  2. Receive training for the equipment, tools and protective gear they are required to use to do their job safely
  3. Report, anonymously if they choose, unsafe working conditions and work practices they observe without fear of reprisal
  4. Have access to the District's written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan

Employees are Responsible for:

  1. Working in a safe and conscientious manner
  2. Avoiding unsafe work conditions and practicing good housekeeping on the job
  3. Using the personal protective equipment (PPE) provided, i.e., gloves, goggles, hearing protection, etc.
  4. Reporting unsafe and unhealthful work conditions and practices
  5. Reporting accidents, near-miss incidents and faulty equipment immediately to their supervisor