Cardboard Recycling
Citrus has a complete cardboard recycling program. If you or your department has cardboard to recycle, please flatten the boxes and place outside the building, near a trash can, in a neat pile, for pick-up. Cardboard is picked up daily, usually in the morning. For Special requests, please call Facilities at extension 8690.

Aluminum Cans, Glass and Plastic Bottle Recycling
Currently there is no District recycling program; however, recycling of these products occur throughout campus by individuals and departments. The District is reviewing a campus-wide program under the new Sustainability Plan.

Batteries (all types) and Fluorescent Lamp Tubes Recycling
These items are currently listed by California as a "Universal Hazardous Waste." Citrus collects and stores them safely in an accumulation site for annual bulk recycling. If your office has a small amount of AAA through D size or 9-volt type batteries that have ended their useful life, you may send them through the mail to the Supervisor of Environmental Health and Safety Programs. For larger quantities, please schedule a pick up at extension 8704. Car batteries are recycled through the Facilities Department.

Recycling Used Motor Oil and Other Automotive Solvents and Liquids
This waste stream is generated in only two departments: the Transportation Technology Department and the Facilities Department. They are hazardous to our health and to the environment and must be recycled. There are many used oil recycling centers located nearby that will accept used motor oil and other solvents.

Recycling Printer and Copier Toner Cartridges
While empty printer and copier toner cartridges are not considered hazardous, they are 100% reusable and/or recyclable. All printer and copier toner cartridges are to be recycled; do not throw any away.

Place the used cartridge in the original box, write on the outside of the box "RECYCLE - RETURN TO THE WAREHOUSE" and send it via inter-office mail. Once received at the Warehouse, it will be properly recycled.

Office Furniture, Computers and Other Electronic Equipment
Please don't throw them into the trash dumpster. There is value in that old furniture and equipment, no matter how dated or poor a condition they are in! Contact the warehouse at 8844 or 8692, or the Supervisor of Environmental Health and Safety Programs at 8704. Give your old office or classroom equipment or furniture a chance for a second life through recycling or our "reuse" and surplus program.