We take the health and safety of the employees of the Citrus Community College District very seriously. The District feels that a safe work environment is the right of every employee. To insure a safe and healthful work environment, the District has developed and implemented numerous safety programs. The District will review these programs periodically to assess work procedures, practices and skills, as well as to comply with all the applicable federal, state and local regulations.

As a Citrus College employee, you have a responsibility to learn, understand and apply safe working procedures on the job. Your supervisor will provide you with information about the safety programs and policies that are specific to your job. If you have any questions during any training process, or at any other time, contact your supervisor for clarification. Never perform work for which you have not been properly trained. It's always better to take the time to ask questions now in order to complete the task safely later.

While not all environmental health and safety programs will apply to all employees, the Injury Illness Prevention Plan, the Hazard Communication Program and the Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan are three very important ones. These and several other safety programs are also in our Safety Training Manual, which is distributed to all supervisors and managers in binder form. You are entitled to review programs if you would like further information on any of our safety programs.

Safety always adds value to any job performed: environmentally, educationally and economically. It just makes sense. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your environmental health and safety while on the job at Citrus College, speak to your supervisor or contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Developed by Keenan and Associates, Citrus College Environmental Health and Safety Supervisor, and the Human Resources Department, 2008