Work site specific emergency preparedness plans have been established at Citrus. Evacuation maps and Emergency Response Procedures flip charts are posted in almost every classroom and office.

While written plans and guidelines are available in a manual called the "Emergency Operations Plan," your supervisor will provide you with specific information regarding your responsibilities during a disaster or emergency.

ALL EMPLOYEES, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, ARE OBLIGATED TO PREPARE THEMSELVES FOR COMPETENT SERVICE TO THE DISTRICT IN THE EVENT OF A MAJOR EMERGENCY OR DISASTER. During an emergency/disaster situation, all employees will perform their responsibilities with one thing in mind -- the protection of students and staff of the college and the protection of District property.

Major disasters may seriously disrupt normal campus activities for an indefinite period of time. Likewise, your normal work assignments may be temporarily suspended while you are given new responsibilities for the duration of the "event."

Public employees are designated as "Disaster Service Workers" and are subject to service assigned to them by their supervisors or by law. Should a disaster strike during work hours, all employees will remain at their assignment unless officially released by the superintendent/president or his/her designee. - Government Code, Chapter 8, Section 3100