Immediately report all injuries, no matter how minor, to your supervisor.

Reporting injuries is both your right and your responsibility. It insures prompt medical care for the injured person, if it's needed. You have a right to work in a safe and healthful environment, but work places are not perfect. By reporting incidents, unsafe, malfunctioning or poorly designed equipment can be taken out of service and repaired. Work procedures can be corrected to prevent similar occurrences.

If a work related injury or illness occurs, what happens next?

1. Once the injury has been treated, your supervisor will complete and return a Supervisor's Report of Injury Form.
2. The cause of the injury will be investigated with your help by your supervisor. This will help determine the accident cause, how to correct the situation, and reduce the chances of it occurring again to you or another employee.
(If the injured party is not an employee of Citrus College, the Non-Employee Injury Report Form must be completed.)

Report All "Close Calls"
A close call is a non-injury near-miss. We've all experienced them at one time or another. A safe working environment is everyone's responsibility. The margin of safety in any particular task is dependent on many factors - equipment condition, work environment, worker experience, mental focus, knowledge and ability to name a few.

To keep the margin of safety as wide as possible at all times, it's important to report all "close calls" to your supervisor as soon as possible. Whether it's caused by broken or poorly designed tools or equipment, poor working conditions or lack of proper training, you want to correct it.

A close call this time might by an injury next time.

Help Everyone Work Safely
Sometimes an employee may not realize that his or her actions or activities are unsafe. If fellow workers are careless or oblivious to an unsafe action, tactfully bring it to their attention, before they hurt themselves or someone else, maybe you!

If they continue to work in an unsafe manner, you may have no choice but to bring the situation to your supervisor. A safe and healthful work environment is your right. Protect it by working responsibly.

We're Not Fooling
Everyone loves a good joke. However, the workplace is neither the place nor the time for horseplay or practical jokes. Disciplinary action may result if such activities lead to injuries to you or your co-workers.

Likewise, taking risks or chances which could create an environment for injuries is not allowed. If you are not sure how to do the job correctly, let your supervisor know your concern. He or she will get you the proper training so you understand the risks involved and can do the work in a safe and timely manner.

Safety is integral to every work function at Citrus College. Whenever our safety and health objectives conflict with other objectives, safety and health shall be the first consideration.