Citrus College Aquatics Center The adapted aquatics class, KIN 148 takes place in the pool, located adjacent to the Aquatics Center building and just
south of the Adapted Physical Education Center building.

Drop off for Access Services is station #2 located in front of the Adapted PE Center Building.  

Adapted Aquatics is designed for the student with a disability. The aquatics program encompasses strength, flexibility and cardiovascular exercises in the water.

Adapted exercise equipment, as well as a lift, and an accessible ramp are also available for use during the class.

Adapted Aquatics classes use a variety of equipment:

  • aqua joggers
  • paddles and water exercise resistance Hydrotone bells
  • pool lift, small and large pool
  • wheelchair accessible ramp and chairs for transport into and out of the pool
  • boards, weights, flotation equipment especially designed for adapted aquatics

To check the class schedule, go to Wingspan.  Adapted Aquatics will be listed under KIN 148, under the Kinesiology class heading.

    If you would like more information about our specialized water classes, please call Andrew Silva (626) 852-6447 or