Located in the Adapted Physical Education Center (AP 109 and AP 110), the class offers an open gym atmosphere with exercise machines that have been modified to accommodate various types of disabilities.

Male student using fitness equipment Female student using fitness equipment with the assistance of instructor

In addition, your progress is monitored on an individual basis, checking blood pressure, if needed, as well as your strength, endurance and flexibility.

In the Adapted Physical Education Center, equipment includes:

  • treadmills
  • flexacisers
  • stationary and recumbent bicycles
  • arm ergometers
  • stand aids

Instructor assisting student on stand-aid machine 

For the student with physical limitations, the adapted physical education program offers the student the opportunity to participate in a college exercise and health-related physical fitness program. Adapted courses in cardiovascular training, weight training, and aquatic exercises are offered.

The Cover Letter for Medical Release Form and Medical Release of Information documents must be on file at Citrus College prior to exercising in the Adapted Physical Education classes. You may download copies of these documents from this page.

A licensed or certified professional must be legally qualified to diagnose the disability in question. This includes M.D. (for most medical disabilities), Audiologist (hearing), D.C. (back related disabilities), etc.

The California Education Administrative Code Title V identifies the physical disabilities, communication disabilities, learning disabilities, acquired brain injury and the developmentally delayed learner for funding purposes. You may refer to Title 5, Division 6, Chapter 7, Subchapter 1, ยง56000, of the California Code of Regulations for more detailed information.

KIN 150, Adapted Physical Education
If you would like more information about our specialized kinesiology classes, please call Adapted Physical Education at (626) 914-8685 or e-mail Steve Hartman, fitness center director, at shartman@citruscollege.edu

If you would like to enroll in Adapted P.E. KIN 150 more than one time, the Course Repeat Petition is required. Please complete this form and return to Steve Hartman or fax to (626) 852-8018.