About the Program
The Adapted Physical Education Program provides exercise classes for students with physical or learning disabilities. The program includes: cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility.

Students that participate in this program have a variety of disabilities. These include individuals who are visually or hearing-impaired or have cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, strokes or brain injuries. Students will enhance the physical functioning of their bodies through an exercise program designed for their physical capabilities.

student using fitness equipment Student using fitness equipment

Eligibility Requirements
All students need to be capable of communicating their needs as well as have the ability to follow directions independently.

Disability Verification/Medical Release Form
If you are a new student, have your doctor complete the Disability Verification/Medical Release form and bring it to the first class session. If you are returning from a change in your medical condition, be certain to have your doctor list any limitations or recommendations and check the box "Permission to return to exercise program" box. Download the Disability Verification/Medical Release form.

Individualized Programs
If you decide to take an adapted P.E. or adapted aquatics class, you will benefit from an individualized program designed for your specific physical capabilities. A team effort contributes to the success of the adapted P.E. and adapted aquatics classes. To get the most out of your exercise program, you will receive help and supervision from an instructor, assistant and instructional aides.

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