The number and type of scholarships offered by the Foundation vary from semester to semester. Scholarships are available for first time students, continuing students, and students who are transferring on to four-year colleges or universities.

Scholarships are awarded once a year, in late spring, for the following fall and spring semesters. The scholarship process is now paperless and students apply for scholarships using an online application. Scholarship applications are available online the first day of spring semester, and the deadline to apply for scholarships is generally around the end of March. Email blasts are sent out to students once the application is ready and the deadline to apply is posted on line as well as on the application form.

Students may receive information about applying for outside scholarships by calling Financial Aid at (626) 914-8592. For information about applying online for Citrus College funded scholarships, call Financial Aid at (626) 914-8592 or Advancement/Foundation at (626) 914-8825.

The scholarships offered to Citrus College students through the Foundation are available to download as a PDF file.