The Learning Center's Online Tutoring program consists of tutoring via e-mail correspondence with a trained, peer tutor; scheduled, real time group tutoring using an online chat room; a message board where students can post questions and answers to other students and where reference materials may be posted by an instructor or tutor; and links to relevant subject-specific sites.

The online tutoring will be monitored by Learning Center administration and may be observed by Citrus College faculty.

The program provides online tutoring in the following subjects:

English · ESL · Reading · Speech
History · Government

Requirements to Participate in Online Tutoring
Participating in online tutoring requires that students be as prepared as possible to fully engage in their own learning.

  • Students will need to have access to the Internet (available on campus), and have an email address.
  • Assigned reading should be completed and course materials reviewed.
  • Students should have attempted to work through homework on their own before using online tutoring.
  • Specific questions and problems should be stated in your e-mail or message.

Tutors cannot and will not do students' assignments. A tutor's role is to encourage students to become independent learners. Neither tutors nor the Learning Center are responsible for students' success in course work.

email icon  E-mail
E-mail inquiries will usually be answered Monday through Friday within a 24-hour time period. You will need to have an e-mail address to use this service. Please have specific questions regarding the type of assistance you need. Links on the left side of this page direct you to information and contact methods in each subject area tutored online.

chat icon  Chat Room
Chat rooms are a way to "converse" about a specific topic with others over the Internet in real-time. This forum for communication is similar to teleconferencing, allowing many people to participate at one time. In essence, it is a way for students and tutors to come together and discuss a particular topic via computer at a designated time.

Chat rooms are a feature of the web board. Once you have registered for the web board and are logged in, you can click on the chat button at the top of the page. This will open a list of chat rooms that are available. You can then pick the room that you wish to visit.

When you have joined an active chat room, please don't interrupt the flow of conversation by starting conversation off the topic of the chat. If you wait for a moment, you should get the gist. Remember that you are generally anonymous while in chat; nevertheless, insure that your conversation is appropriate for a professional and formal learning environment. Chat sessions will be saved and archived here, off of this page.

clock icon  Chat Room Times: Chats are arranged with the online tutor by appointment. Please e-mail the tutor to arrange a time.

English, ESL, Reading, or Speech:

History and Government: