ESL 40
Bedford Handbook 6.0
1. Go to “Start”
2. Select “All Programs”
3. Select “Bedford Handbook 6.0.”
Also used for other courses.

ESL 46
FOG (Focus on Grammar) - first time user has to register.
1. Go to “Start”
2. Select “All Programs”
3. Select “FOG-Interactive”

General ESL Websites  

Grammar Exercises  

Reading (folktales from around the world) (ghost stories)


Listening (click on News in Special English from Voice of America)

TOEFL Practice  

ESL Dictionary/Reference  

Word Forms (word forms and pronunciation) (word forms) (song on prefixes and suffixes)

ESL Games  (click on Games)

Website for Annenberg (PBS) Video Programs
Scroll down and click on:
• Connect with English
• English Composition: Writing for an Audience
Note: You must register to use the videos on this website; however, registration is free.