The ESL Lab is an interactive language learning center that promotes cross-cultural education open to Citrus students who need to complete their required lab hours. The lab offers a variety of activities to help improve English skills including grammar DLAs, vocabulary building games, and reading exercises.

Lab Requirements

  • ESL 20, 26, 30, 36, 40, 46, and 56, each require 9 completed ESL lab hours per section.
  • To earn credit for lab hours, students must attend lab meetings at the time scheduled on their syllabi.
  • Students will earn one stamp per lab meeting by participating in and completing the assigned activity.
  • You must bring your stamp sheet and have it signed, and stamped by an ESL lab staff member to earn credit.
  • Students who arrive more than 10 minutes after the scheduled lab time will not earn lab credit.
  • Students who leave before the end of the scheduled lab time will not earn lab credit.
  • Students who use cell phones or tablets during lab time will not earn lab credit.

ESL Lab Rules

  • Please no food or drinks in the ESL lab.
  • Please no internet use during lab hours.
  • Please no cell phone, tablet, or computer use in the ESL lab.
  • Only lab activities can be done in the lab.
  • Treat the lab equipment with care.
  • Respect all students and staff.
  • Students who violate and ESL lab rule, or violate the Citrus Student Conduct Code will not earn credit for lab hours.