How to Get Started

Ask the instructor for a minute to make an announcement in class. (Most instructors will be thrilled!) Or, prepare a short printed notice to hand out as students enter class and to post on student bulletin boards.

Compare schedules. You might even go prepared with schedule forms to fill out for those who might participate. Fill them out then if there is time, or ask everyone to bring them to the first meeting filled out.

Select a time for the first meeting at which you will determine when, where, and how often you will meet. This meeting need only take ten to fifteen minutes.

The First Brief Meeting

If schedules haven't been filled out, do so now and identify a time to meet. Decide if you want to meet once a week, every two weeks, or whenever needs and time permit.

If you have more than five members, or if schedules don't work well together, consider splitting into two groups. Avoid setting a study group based solely on friendships. It may become a social time instead of a study time!

Set some general goals to accomplish over the semester.

Choose the leader for the first study session. You will probably want to rotate the leadership from meeting to meeting to encourage ownership and equal responsibility.

For Each Meeting

Prepare before coming to the session. Each member should have studied before the meeting in order to contribute to the group, and to identify any problems you may be having.

If you decide to divide the work, remember the others in the groups are counting on you. An individual's contribution is not based on current level of knowledge, but on his or her willingness to work and to contribute.

Be flexible and accepting of others. They will have their own style and personality, but getting along with others is a valuable skill now and in the workplace. Because members are different from each other, each one brings a different perspective to the groups. That benefits everyone!

Before you leave the meeting each time, verify time, place and leader for the next study session.