This system can be used alone or with the Cornell System. Mind maps show the relationships between ideas in a visual way. It helps you think and organize from general to specific.

  • Have plenty of room on your paper, even using 11x17 inch sheets if possible, though standard notebook paper can be used. Turn the paper sideways.
  • Write the main concept in the center of the page. Circle it.
  • Concepts related to the main idea are written on lines radiating outward from the center.
  • Write only key words, no lengthy sentences.
  • Use shorthand, abbreviations, symbols and images, different colors, and keywords.
  • Subtopics may also have points radiating out from them.
  • When the lecturer moves on to another main topic, begin a new mind map on another page.
  • Jot notes that help you see relationships between mind maps on the edges of your paper.

Mindmap example
Mind Map, Ex.1