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Note Taking: Outline Method

Outlines are most useful for material that is presented in a well-organized way and material that moves from main ideas to detail. Try following some of these suggestions for successful outline note taking.

  • Use standard Roman numerals or a free form, indented outline to organize the information in a lecture.
  • Organize your notes by major points and supporting ideas. This allows you to record and organize at the same time.
  • Leave spaces between sections or main ideas.
  • If the instructor returns to a point later, you can add information in the appropriate section.


March 3, 2000 ------------------------- World History

The Russian Revolution

  1. Collapse of the Imperial Regime
    1. WWI a cause of collapse of tsarism
      1. War aggravated inherent political weaknesses
      2. Government unable to get cooperation of the country in war effort
      3. Could not remain in war without/out political changes
  • Wartime problems due to econ. Causes and mismanagement
    1. Russia more effectively blockaded than allies
    2. Poor organization and transport prevented use of internal resources Rasputin

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